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How do I register a trademark worldwide? Business 

How do I register a trademark worldwide?

Every year, millions of people file the applications for obtaining the trademarks on average the trend is becoming so popular among the masses because of more and more expansion of the businesses.

If a business is running in its hometown, it will surely try to deliver all of its products to the whole world. For that, the businesses register their brands worldwide to open more gateways for opportunities for them.

Trademark registration in UAE and other foreign countries is increasing at a rapid rate as more people are coming towards the business side. They see more work to be done here and see more loopholes ere. This is the reason why people are looking forward to expanding their businesses worldwide.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is basically the name of brands of the people’s businesses. It can either be a logo or a brand name. The trademark registration in UAE keeps your company different from other companies.

Nowadays no company can have the same name. this is not how it was in the previous days. In the old times, people used to keep same names for their businesses which were so confusing for he clients. This problem has been solved now as he trademarks registration has taken over the world.

How to register a trademark internationally?

After creating a trademark or a service mark for your business, you should register. if you do not do so, it will mean that you have abandoned your trademark.

Trademark registration process

  • For it, you at first need to search the trademark database so that you can make sure that nobody else is using it anywhere else in the world
  • After that, you should file your trademark or service mark online
  • If you are willing to do business on international levels, you should register your trademark by using the international trademark registration services.

The international trademark services are used for registering the brand worldwide. If you think that all of your consumers are form your home country and people from other countries will not use your products or services then, registering internationally is recommended for you. this is because it will do nothing but waste your time and money as well. so, if you want to make sure that none of your resources goes wasted, you should take each and every step after thinking properly. This is really necessary for every businessman out there.

Online business? Register Worldwide

For online businesses, registering online is a good way of expanding their businesses. Usually, online businesses have customers from different countries of the world. So, it is better for them to register on international levels to deliver their goods and services all over the world without losing any customer at all.


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) located in Geneva, Switzerland takes care of all the international trademark registration. This system will allow you to have a trademark of your own in several countries.

How to Register a Trademark Internationally?

File an international application using the online services according to your own country. Its cost will be approx. $200 in case of the paper method but if you register online, the cost will be reduced to $100. There are different websites that will guide you throughout.

Madrid Protocol and international trademark registration will also provide you with further information in case you need it. you can also take the help of attorneys for the registration as well.

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