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How to choose Customer Relationship Management System for automation of the company? Business 

How to choose Customer Relationship Management System for automation of the company?

CRM industry is quite young, not settled, but at the same time sated with offers. The quantity of CRM systems is very big, in addition, there are developers of custom decisions. In such variety of offers it is not clearly to whom to trust. There are no settled and standard techniques of work yet. As a result we study the characteristics offered by the developer which in general aren’t absolutely clear, and we choose system which is described better. It is sad that one and all sellers of CRM systems will tell that their product will solve your problems. Though in reality often it turns out that it not so.
The choice of Customer Relationship Management System for automation of the company is really difficult task. But the choice will be more intelligent if it is correct to set CRM introduction purposes. How to make it, we will tell in our article.
It is one of tools which will help to reduce an uncertainty zone or lack of information. CRM allows to digitize information on your clients, sales volumes and profits. Knowledge of the management of the real situation in the company is a basis of success.
What functions does CRM have to perform?
Lead generation
Any lead (call or email) which then can become the client is fixed in system. The manager needs to find out in what service the client is interested and to make the first sale.
These problems are easily solved by a number of widespread and inexpensive cloud CRM. It would seem in what then complexity of the choice?
And here in what. Kind of paradoxically it didn’t sound — new clients come to an end. It is checked on personal experience and experience of many companies. Especially often firms face it is more senior than five years.
Many heads of the companies don’t attach significance to such, apparently, obvious resource of profit as repeated sales. And meanwhile, profitability of repeated sales is 2-10 times higher! Nobody diminishes importance of involvement of new clients. But it is impossible to do it by the only strategy of business. For most the companies the main income and the main profitability are repeated sales.

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