Have you ever thought of the most intricate insurance product? Well, it is the health insurance plan. The main reason behind this is its numerous riders and benefits. That said, the health insurance marketplace is the most competitive nowadays. We never know what medical emergency might strike us! So, to handle financial requirements during a medical emergency, be safe with an insurance policy.

Amongst the numerous policies, filter out the best in terms of affordability, eligibility, coverage, limits and exclusions.

Read on to know the list of top 10 best health insurance plans in India.

  • Max Bupa Health Companion Individual plan
  • Star Health Senior citizen red carpet plan
  • Aditya Birla Health Diamond Plan
  • Star Health Family Health Optima plan
  • Apollo Munich Health Optima Restore Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Health Lifeline Supreme Plan
  • Universal Sompo Health Privilege Plan
  • Cigna TTK Health Prohealth Plus Plan
  • Religare Health NCB Super Premium Plan

Reasons to choose the best health insurance plan

Health insurance plans not only cover the hospitalization expenses, but also provide exciting benefits.  Read on to determine as to how your choice of the best health insurance plan can become a worthy one!

  • Cashless treatment

Having chosen the best health insurance plan, you can opt for cashless treatment in the network hospitals. Some paperwork with the hospital authorities ensures a cashless transaction, as the insurers normally settle the bill.

  • Daily allowance

A few insurers provide a daily amount for each day of hospitalization, which does not affect the sum assured. The amount can be spent for daily health requirements or medicines.

  • Avail allied benefits

Best health insurance plans have enhanced features like preventive check-up and diagnosis that are usually not included in basic plans. These features also include:

₪ Free health check-up

₪ Free consultation with doctors

₪ Consultation with Nutritionists

₪ Offers on health care services

₪ Alliance with health service providers.

  • Save on Tax

According to section 80D of the Income Tax, the insured can claim for tax deduction against the premium paid for health insurance. A deduction of ₹ 25,000 can be claimed on health insurance premium. People paying an insurance premium for their elderly parents can claim an additional deduction of ₹ 50,000.

  • Covers life-threatening illness

The surge in lifestyle diseases makes middle-class earners opt for health insurance plans that help cover expensive medical treatment for critical illness. The person who owns a health insurance plan with a critical cover will be provided with a lump sum amount for the expenses after the diagnosis. As this is a rider cover, the critical illness cover can be availed with an extra premium.

Qualities of the best health insurance

Choose the plan that suits your requirement the best. The following are some of the qualities of the best health insurance:

  • The plan is designed according to the needs of the individual. This means that features can be reconstructed on the basis of the policyholder’s requirements, so that the policyholder can avail maximum benefit.
  • The facility of a lifelong renewal is another important parameter.
  • Cost effective policy that is apt for the insured. The policy chosen must not pose difficulty to the policyholder in terms of paying the premium amounts. The amount of premium should be chosen based on the family budget and needs.
  • Hassle free claim procedures.

There are two ways in which you can claim health insurance:

  1. a) Cashless claim process:

This claim can be made when the patient is taken to one of the networked hospitals with an e-card and details of the health insurance policy. Based on these details the cashless hospitalisation will be provided.

  1. b) Reimbursement Claim process:

This occurs when the insured is treated in hospitals that aren’t allied with the insurers. The insured reimburses the entire hospitalization charges and can claim for the amount from the insurers later, by showing the bill of the medical expenses.

  • The facility of cashless hospitalization
  • A good network of hospitals.

Investing in a plan that has no allied hospitals in your vicinity is a waste of time and the biggest blunder that an insured can commit. The best insurance plan is worthy only when there is a good network of hospitals and tie-ups with health service providers that offer free check-ups and cashless treatment without any hesitation.

  • Good reviews of the insurers by other policyholders and insurance web aggregators.

These are the points to ponder over while choosing the best health insurance plan. The best plans never burn your pocket! For more details logon to