How to find the right lawyer? Law 

How to find the right lawyer?

Your supplier has not delivered your new cabinets despite your payment? Without necessarily going to court, you could prevent an unwelcome situation or avoid it by consulting a lawyer. The recipe for finding the “good” and the questions to ask him. You are not alone in dealing with a day-to-day legal problem: nearly 12 million Canadians will experience a problem of this kind in a given three-year period, according to a study by the Department of Justice Canada. Word of mouth is probably the best way to find a lawyer. People are reassured…

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Criminal record of companies: why is it necessary? Law 

Criminal record of companies: why is it necessary?

As legal entities, companies often break civil or criminal laws , sometimes without knowing it, and as individuals they can be convicted. At a time when the corporate social responsibility is very prominent and where one is pushed to verify with whom one does business ( under penalty of sometimes having his responsibility questioned ), the criminal record allows precisely to measure the effort they make to remain respectful of the laws of the countries in which they operate. CRIMINAL RECORD: A NECESSITY FOR LEGAL PERSONS The company is subject as much as the natural person to the…

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The 5 most promising businesses for 2020 Business 

The 5 most promising businesses for 2020

Earlier this week, the IFP released the results of a study conducted in 2017 in no less than 8 European countries (including France) to identify the 40 most profitable businesses for entrepreneurs who intend to start businesses. by 2020. Do you plan to start your own business, but have not found an idea or industry for your business yet? We have selected for you the 5 most original ideas of this report, hoping that it inspires you! N ° 5: THE TRADE OF PARCELS ON MARS The latest promises of Elon…

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CSR: the system also concerns small businesses and SMEs Business 

CSR: the system also concerns small businesses and SMEs

The label “responsible suppliers and purchasing relationships” and formerly reserved for large groups is now extended to VSEs and SMEs. Since October 1, 2017, they can  submit to this label and enjoy its benefits . Indeed, the importance of Labels for businesses is no longer to demonstrate. Owning a label testifies to the security and quality that a company offers in its services or productions. This has the effect of increasing the trust of customers as well as suppliers and other partners. And, it is precisely to enable serious companies to stand out from the crowd, that in…

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Balances: What rules for traders in 2018 Business 

Balances: What rules for traders in 2018

Highly expected by consumers, sales are also an opportunity for merchants to part with their unsold products. Two periods, on dates fixed by the regulations, are provided for this purpose. If there is no specific authorization to obtain, the regulations on balances are particularly strict. SALE PRODUCTS AND LABELING The main rule to follow is: – the balances can only relate to items that have already been offered for sale, – and which were paid to the supplier at least one month before the beginning of the sales. They may relate to goods from…

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